You appeared out of nowhere.
There, just one night.
Probing conversation,

You went away.
Stayed in my head.
Dimming memory,

You appeared out of nowhere, again.
Here to stay awhile.
Lingering this time,

Time, space, two souls entangle.
Cosmic blink of an eye.
For a second, we are us, now just you and me.
Universal impermanence!

Someday, can we walk once again in the footprints left behind?
Someday, can we break the dam holding back emotions?
Someday, can river of emotions flow smoothly over jagged edges

Left behind by other lovers’ good intentions?

Universal Impermanence

In a blink, the universe opens up,
Two souls searching for existence of love.
One finds tenderness, perspective, and ability to love again.
One finds warmth, tenderness and possibility to love again.
Both love … impermanence.

Lynn Martin McHale 3/9/16 Copyright and All Rights Reserved

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