Stories of Optimism – featured on American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) website My Story is about – finding my voice

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011. After a devastating diagnosis, I started writing about my PD. For my own sanity and peace of mind I had to write and get the raw emotions and dark feelings out of my head in order to release the anger, sadness, and hopelessness that overwhelmed me. Most importantly, I was mourning the “loss of Lynn”, the person I used to be. I became a volunteer with the APDA Midwest Chapter as a board member, Treasurer, and Board President. My voice was that of a leader, fundraiser, organizer. A few years later I formed a support group, and again my voice was that of an instructor and leader. But where was Lynn’s voice? Lynn’s voice was captured on the pages of notebooks I had been writing in for several years, never intending to share them with anyone. They were my private feelings and thoughts about Parkinson’s, things in my life that I would never discuss with anyone, let alone think of sharing in a book. I showed a few poems to a friend who encouraged me to publish them so PWP and others could find encouragement. Lynn’s Voice is in the pages of my book “Parkinson’s, Poetry, Art and Me” published April 2019. My book is more than just for PWP, there is something that will touch or leave an impression on anyone. Topics include life, nature, weather, relationships. My story is about finding the courage to be vulnerable, the determination to learn how to publish a book and finding that Lynn’s voice is strong and makes a difference!