The Sound

Watercolor Botanical Print

Watercolor Botanical Leaf Print

Did you hear it?
The sound, you know.
The sound of the other shoe dropping.

Didn’t expect it.
The news, you know.
The news from the doctor disclosing.

What it looks like.
The lumps, you know.
The lumps, you can’t feel, but been dreading.

Looks suspicious.
Second time, you know.
Second time, there’s no curing.

Recall what he said.
Only treat, you know.
Only treat, second time, there’s no curing.

Take it all in.
Process it, you know.
Numb, cry, worry, hope; inside screaming.

Retest. Now wait.
Results, you know.
Breathe, safe this time; dread never ending.

Lynn McHale 2/7/2016
Copyright and All Rights Reserved

Hot Tea and Cancer


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Please get your mammogram.
Support those women fighting breast cancer.
Donate to American Cancer Society or other Cancer Association.
A battle with cancer always remains a part of you. These are my thoughts and feelings evoked from a Facebook posting recently.

My Mother, a breast cancer survivor, and me in March 2006.  I was diagnosed Oct. 27, 2005.

My Mother, a breast cancer survivor, and me in March 2006. I was diagnosed Oct. 27, 2005.


It’s a.m. ten to three,
I’m sitting in bed,
Drinking hot tea,
Currently cancer free.

I don’t think about it that much,
New battle with Parkinson’s Disease,
Put away, like tea cup in hutch.
Hot tea with honey, please!

Why thinking about cancer tonight?
Friend posted photo “Stupid Cancer,”
Opened the wound, Hope now less bright,
Sipping a cup of memories.

Memories of those who lost their battle,
Fortunate ones who wear label “survivor.”
Survivor yes, until day you are not,
Another fight; armed, but still defenseless.

Time is not on your side,
Sorry to disagree, Mick.
Hands on clock pull you inside,
Time passes on. Tick, tick, tick.

It’s not time on “life support,”
It’s your life on “time support.”

Lynn McHale 10/1/14 Copyright All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to those who lost their battle to breast cancer and were loved and are missed; my Mom, Claudia, Judy, Mary, Barb, Celia
Dedicated to those who are survivors of breast cancer; Myself, Barb, Tracy, Lee, Jane, Daisy
And to all women who have battled breast cancer or are in the trenches right now.



All my aches and pains,
Whether old or new,
Cause me to exclaim,
Will I end up cold and blue?

Worry about every pain,
Will my cancer return,
How will it come again?
Another illness’s turn?

I worry so much,
Seems like all the time,
Is it such and such,
Will I run out of time?

Time is so precious,
Want to be a Grandmother.
Hush sweet baby, hush,
Let me sing you another.

Lynn McHale 3/2/13 Copyright All Rights Reserved