You appeared out of nowhere.
There, just one night.
Probing conversation,

You went away.
Stayed in my head.
Dimming memory,

You appeared out of nowhere, again.
Here to stay awhile.
Lingering this time,

Time, space, two souls entangle.
Cosmic blink of an eye.
For a second, we are us, now just you and me.
Universal impermanence!

Someday, can we walk once again in the footprints left behind?
Someday, can we break the dam holding back emotions?
Someday, can river of emotions flow smoothly over jagged edges

Left behind by other lovers’ good intentions?

Universal Impermanence

In a blink, the universe opens up,
Two souls searching for existence of love.
One finds tenderness, perspective, and ability to love again.
One finds warmth, tenderness and possibility to love again.
Both love … impermanence.

Lynn McHale 3/9/16 Copyright and All Rights Reserved



My Mother’s Eyes


In memory of my Mother who passed away Oct. 6, 2011. Some days I still think I can pick up phone and call her. I love her and miss her.

In memory of my  Mother who passed away Oct. 6,2011. Some days I still think I can pick up the phone and talk with her. I still miss her and love her. 


When I look at myself in the mirror,
I see my Mother’s brown eyes staring back,
Knowing Death would be her last visitor.
I close my eyes, sad, my emotions crack.

I want to remember eyes with expression,
Not lifeless eyes devoid of sensory.
I offer no plausible explanation,
This sight forever haunts my memory.

In my eyes, our brown eyes are one.
She is dead, but lives in my mirror.
I long to see her, but Death won.
Each morning two pair of eyes appear.

Lynn McHale 6/1/13 Copyright All Rights Reserved

My Eyes

My Eyes

Note:  I spent my last time with my Mother four days before she died.  She was in hospice.  Her eyes looking back at me from her bed are permanently etched in my memory.

Lynn  McHale   6/1/13   Copyright   All Rights Reserved

Hot Tea and Cancer


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Please get your mammogram.
Support those women fighting breast cancer.
Donate to American Cancer Society or other Cancer Association.
A battle with cancer always remains a part of you. These are my thoughts and feelings evoked from a Facebook posting recently.

My Mother, a breast cancer survivor, and me in March 2006.  I was diagnosed Oct. 27, 2005.

My Mother, a breast cancer survivor, and me in March 2006. I was diagnosed Oct. 27, 2005.


It’s a.m. ten to three,
I’m sitting in bed,
Drinking hot tea,
Currently cancer free.

I don’t think about it that much,
New battle with Parkinson’s Disease,
Put away, like tea cup in hutch.
Hot tea with honey, please!

Why thinking about cancer tonight?
Friend posted photo “Stupid Cancer,”
Opened the wound, Hope now less bright,
Sipping a cup of memories.

Memories of those who lost their battle,
Fortunate ones who wear label “survivor.”
Survivor yes, until day you are not,
Another fight; armed, but still defenseless.

Time is not on your side,
Sorry to disagree, Mick.
Hands on clock pull you inside,
Time passes on. Tick, tick, tick.

It’s not time on “life support,”
It’s your life on “time support.”

Lynn McHale 10/1/14 Copyright All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to those who lost their battle to breast cancer and were loved and are missed; my Mom, Claudia, Judy, Mary, Barb, Celia
Dedicated to those who are survivors of breast cancer; Myself, Barb, Tracy, Lee, Jane, Daisy
And to all women who have battled breast cancer or are in the trenches right now.

See Me

photo 5 - Copy (2)

Art Therapy Project – Inside and Outside What do you see on the outside? What would you see on the inside if you looked deeper? Summer 2015

Warm covers, cold morn,
Yet, I am so torn,
I want to leap out of bed,
But something in my brain is dead.

I want to go outside and play,
My option is inside to stay.
I want to run and jump and fly,
But so many days I just cry.

I want the freedom of my youth,
But I must confront the truth.
My strength and agility trapped inside,
I am left with only my pride.

I want to be me, who I used to be.
Now, only this other person you see.
I look at others and wish to be them,
I too want to shine like a brilliant gem.

This person who mourns for who she was before,
If just something, someone to implore.
Doesn’t like who she has become,
Now literally walks to beat of a different drum.

Doesn’t like how she walks.
Now tires of subject of her talks.
Doesn’t like how she feels, how she looks,
Now spending more time reading her books.

She always wonders what lies ahead,
Many questions, no answers she’s read.
Where will life’s path head?
Anticipate with joy or dread.

What will life’s path portend?
She continues to pretend,
Things aren’t that bad,
Yet, why is she so sad?

Look in her eyes,
You see she cries.
She hides, she hides,
Overcome by the tides.

What to do, how to be?
Just wanted to be me,
Can’t you see?
See me, not my PD!

Lynn McHale Feb. 2013 Copyright All Rights Reserved