The Incomplete Heart

The incomplete heart,
Waits still for one dart,
Shot from Cupid’s bow,
Love, yet to bestow.

The incomplete heart,
Beats alone … apart.
Bleeds from past arrows,
Passage in … narrows.

The incomplete heart,
Alone from the start,
What remains, injured,
Love’s loss yet endured.

The incomplete heart,
Pierced by that one dart,
A most willing target,
Struck by love or regret.

The incomplete heart,
Longs so for new start,
Essentially empty,
Courts compatibility.

The incomplete heart,
Desires love, an art!
Craves a connection.

The complete heart,
Two halves once apart,
Joined as one, bound now.
It’s you, this I vow.

Lynn Martin McHale 9/28/15
Revised 10/7/15, 4/11/16, 6/11/16, 2/3/17
Copyright All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “The Incomplete Heart

  1. Dear Lynn Thank you for the beautiful poem. Makes us think of life, as easy as it could be but as hard as it is. Hope all is well. Haven’t heard from you but hope to soon. Love, JoAnn


  2. Well done Lynn. And thought provoking. I especially connect with “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin. I’d forgotten how much I appreciated her work in times past.


    • Thank you Carol. Your question last week asking if I had posted anything new spurred me to get going again and post all that I have been writing. Thank you for the nudge.


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