Do You Ever Wonder?

I need a purpose for my life,
A reason for where I am,
Here, now, at this time.
I wonder.

What will unfold?
Yet to be discovered,
Like clues in a mystery,
Missing puzzle pieces.

Am I the rookie on a chessboard?
A Knight moving every which way?
Or Queen of Hearts in Wonderland?
Yes, I reign in Wonderland.

Wonder, Wander,
Wanderlust, Wanderer,
Wonder why?
Happy Wanderer.

Who is the Happy Wanderer?
Where does he wander?
Why does he wander?
Why is he happy?

I eat Wonder bread,
Tastes wonderful!
Now it all makes sense.
Wonderful, Just Wonderful!

Lynn Martin McHale April 3, 2013 Copyright All Rights Reserved

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