Do You Ever Wonder?

I need a purpose for my life,
A reason for where I am,
Here, now, at this time.
I wonder.

What will unfold?
Yet to be discovered,
Like clues in a mystery,
Missing puzzle pieces.

Am I the rookie on a chessboard?
A Knight moving every which way?
Or Queen of Hearts in Wonderland?
Yes, I reign in Wonderland.

Wonder, Wander,
Wanderlust, Wanderer,
Wonder why?
Happy Wanderer.

Who is the Happy Wanderer?
Where does he wander?
Why does he wander?
Why is he happy?

I eat Wonder bread,
Tastes wonderful!
Now it all makes sense.
Wonderful, Just Wonderful!

Lynn McHale April 3, 2013 Copyright All Rights Reserved



In my mind,
I am blind
To the fact,
Can’t react.

I can walk,
I can talk,
In a certain way,
Brings me such dismay.

Why am I like this?
I‘d like to dismiss.
Why are they like that?
Caught, constant combat.

I wage war with transmitters,
Being ambushed is bitter.
My enemy deep within,
I will never, ever win.

Great funds are being raised,
Enemy not even phased.
To fight the good fight.
There is no flight, no flight!

Lynn McHale Feb. 2013 Copyright All Rights Reserved