Owner’s Manual for Walking

For most people walking is like breathing; natural,
Don’t have to think about it at all,
It’s easy, mechanics just seem to work,
Gait is smooth, not with a jerk.

I watch other people walk,
Envious of their grace and stride,
No hesitation, no balk,
No replay tape running inside.

“Bring your leg around, don’t drag it,”
“Heel hits first, toes upward,”
“Remember to swing arm, shoulders back,”
“Don’t look down, hold head a proper angle.”

Think about mechanics of each step,
Concentrate so it all comes together,
Repeat the process again and again,
Need owner’s manual for walking.

Lynn Martin McHale June 13, 2013 Copyright All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Owner’s Manual for Walking

  1. Yes, we don’t know how good we have it until it is compromised. Your words are humbling and offer a swift reminder to is all……live for today and when compromised, fight back! Thanks for sharing!


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