My Mother’s Eyes


In memory of my Mother who passed away Oct. 6, 2011. Some days I still think I can pick up phone and call her. I love her and miss her.

In memory of my  Mother who passed away Oct. 6,2011. Some days I still think I can pick up the phone and talk with her. I still miss her and love her. 


When I look at myself in the mirror,
I see my Mother’s brown eyes staring back,
Knowing Death would be her last visitor.
I close my eyes, sad, my emotions crack.

I want to remember eyes with expression,
Not lifeless eyes devoid of sensory.
I offer no plausible explanation,
This sight forever haunts my memory.

In my eyes, our brown eyes are one.
She is dead, but lives in my mirror.
I long to see her, but Death won.
Each morning two pair of eyes appear.

Lynn McHale 6/1/13 Copyright All Rights Reserved

My Eyes

My Eyes

Note:  I spent my last time with my Mother four days before she died.  She was in hospice.  Her eyes looking back at me from her bed are permanently etched in my memory.

Lynn  McHale   6/1/13   Copyright   All Rights Reserved

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