The ABC’s of PD


A      Always with you, Anger, Art therapy,  APDA,  Art classes, Anonymous grant,  Ask for help, Answers, Acceptance!
B      Be the Best you can Be, Balance, BIG, Be Brave, Be happy, Be your own advocate!
C      Caregiver, Contrast, Constipation, Cure, Carries’, Christine, Can’t be happening!
D      Dopamine, Diagnosis, Delay the Disease, DBS, Disability, Depression, Day to Day,  Denial, Donna, Diana, Dave, Dyskinesia, Dystonia, Driving, Deal with it!
E      Evident in Every step, Exercise, Encouragement, Exhausting!
F      Family, Friends, Fun, Fear of Falling, Fatigue, Future, Fine motor skills, problems,  Foot problems, Food, Friendship, Fox Trials,  F___ this!
G     Gait, Gloom, Get out, Get Going, Get help, Grief, Good Grief!
H     Humor, Handwriting, Hope, Honesty, Home sweet Home, Help!
I       I am ready to work out, Individual, Incontinence, Isolation, I wish I didn’t have It!
J       Journey, Jerky muscles, Joint pain, Judy, Just deal with it! Just saying!
K      Kinky muscles, Kindred spirits, Karl, Kiss of death, Kind, Kind’a sucks!
L      Loved ones, Levodopa-Carbidopa, Laughter, LSVT LOUD and BIG, Lee, Laurie, Let’s go!
M     Managing, Medicines, Muscle cramps, Music, Massage, Meditation,  Move!, Movement  Disorder Specialist, Make new friends, Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali

 N     Neurologist, Neuro-psychologist, Neuro-ophthalmologist, Neuro-transmitters, NPF,  Newsletters, New friends, Not so good, Not fair, Not me!
O      Opportunities, On/Off, Oprah cannot help, Oh sh__!
P      Promise of tomorrow, Positive attitude, Personal trainer, Patience, Poetry, Pursuit,   Perception,  Prescriptions, Peace, Pissed off!
Q      Questioning, Quest for answers and cure, Quiet your mind, Quit – cannot quit!
R      Reeling from diagnosis, Realization, Rigidity, Rut, Rush-Copley Healthplex,  Retirement,  Recreation, Research, Ready to take charge!
S      Support group, Socialize, Swim, Spirit, Share Story, Slowness, Substantia-nigra,  Stand tall, Susan, Stephanie, Symposiums, Swallowing, Scared, Sucks!
T      Tremors, Trying, Trials, Tai Chi, Treadmill, Tired, Tomorrow, Thankfulness, Today is  the best day of my life!
U      Understanding it all, Until tomorrow, Ugly, Utter devastation!
V      Vision issues, Volunteer, Vulnerable, Voice, Vacation!
W     Why me? What do I do? What’s next? Water exercise, Wish for bowel movement, WEB MD,  Wishing, Walking, Writing, Wrapping head around it!
X      Exercise, Example, Exactly, Expensive, Exasperating!
Y      Yearning for how you were before PD, Yoga, Yes, you have PD, Yikes!
Z      Zealous approach to learning all you can, Zest for living and taking care of yourself,  Zen, Zoo –go visit!

Lynn Martin McHale 3/2/13 Copyright All Rights Reserved