The ABC’s of PD


A      Always with you, Anger, Art therapy,  APDA,  Art classes, Anonymous grant,  Ask for help, Answers, Acceptance!
B      Be the Best you can Be, Balance, BIG, Be Brave, Be happy, Be your own advocate!
C      Caregiver, Contrast, Constipation, Cure, Carries’, Christine, Can’t be happening!
D      Dopamine, Diagnosis, Delay the Disease, DBS, Disability, Depression, Day to Day,  Denial, Donna, Diana, Dave, Dyskinesia, Dystonia, Driving, Deal with it!
E      Evident in Every step, Exercise, Encouragement, Exhausting!
F      Family, Friends, Fun, Fear of Falling, Fatigue, Future, Fine motor skills, problems,  Foot problems, Food, Friendship, Fox Trials,  F___ this!
G     Gait, Gloom, Get out, Get Going, Get help, Grief, Good Grief!
H     Humor, Handwriting, Hope, Honesty, Home sweet Home, Help!
I       I am ready to work out, Individual, Incontinence, Isolation, I wish I didn’t have It!
J       Journey, Jerky muscles, Joint pain, Judy, Just deal with it! Just saying!
K      Kinky muscles, Kindred spirits, Karl, Kiss of death, Kind, Kind’a sucks!
L      Loved ones, Levodopa-Carbidopa, Laughter, LSVT LOUD and BIG, Lee, Laurie, Let’s go!
M     Managing, Medicines, Muscle cramps, Music, Massage, Meditation,  Move!, Movement  Disorder Specialist, Make new friends, Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali

 N     Neurologist, Neuro-psychologist, Neuro-ophthalmologist, Neuro-transmitters, NPF,  Newsletters, New friends, Not so good, Not fair, Not me!
O      Opportunities, On/Off, Oprah cannot help, Oh sh__!
P      Promise of tomorrow, Positive attitude, Personal trainer, Patience, Poetry, Pursuit,   Perception,  Prescriptions, Peace, Pissed off!
Q      Questioning, Quest for answers and cure, Quiet your mind, Quit – cannot quit!
R      Reeling from diagnosis, Realization, Rigidity, Rut, Rush-Copley Healthplex,  Retirement,  Recreation, Research, Ready to take charge!
S      Support group, Socialize, Swim, Spirit, Share Story, Slowness, Substantia-nigra,  Stand tall, Susan, Stephanie, Symposiums, Swallowing, Scared, Sucks!
T      Tremors, Trying, Trials, Tai Chi, Treadmill, Tired, Tomorrow, Thankfulness, Today is  the best day of my life!
U      Understanding it all, Until tomorrow, Ugly, Utter devastation!
V      Vision issues, Volunteer, Vulnerable, Voice, Vacation!
W     Why me? What do I do? What’s next? Water exercise, Wish for bowel movement, WEB MD,  Wishing, Walking, Writing, Wrapping head around it!
X      Exercise, Example, Exactly, Expensive, Exasperating!
Y      Yearning for how you were before PD, Yoga, Yes, you have PD, Yikes!
Z      Zealous approach to learning all you can, Zest for living and taking care of yourself,  Zen, Zoo –go visit!

Lynn Martin McHale 3/2/13 Copyright All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “The ABC’s of PD

  1. Christine – Thank you for being my “first comment”. I appreciate you taking the time to read my poems and to make a comment. It seems only fitting since you were my first Parkinson’s friend when we first met at exercise class.


  2. The ABCs of PD absolutely says it all. Too much information and many people who have no answers.


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