Melissa, the Marathon Runner




fundraising page is

Melissa is my Art Therapist and friend who is preparing to run in her first Chicago Marathon this Oct. and fundraising for The Light of the Heart: A Community Art Therapy Project, a non-profit 501c3 of which she is Executive Director and Co-founder,that provides art therapy and counseling for over 3,000 children and adults in Aurora, IL in need, and many are low-income and at-risk. This is her first marathon and I created poem and caricature using her Light of the Heart logo for her body in support of her endeavor. I wish her the Best of Luck. Visit her fundraising page at



Run Melissa –
Run because you can,
Run because it sparks a light within,
Run because it serves your heart,
As your heart serves others.
Heartfelt love runs the course.

Run the course, Melissa!
We see the light in your heart!
Melissa, Marathon runner –
Run around, through and over,
Heart pounds, cross the finish line!
See the light Melissa, the Light of the Heart!

Lynn McHale Feb. 16, 2016
Copyright and All Rights Reserved