The Incomplete Heart



Original Artwork 

The incomplete heart,
Waits still for one dart,
Shot from Cupid’s bow,
Love, yet to bestow.

The incomplete heart,
Beats alone … apart.
Bleeds from past arrows,
Passage in … narrows.

The incomplete heart,
Alone from the start,
What remains, injured,
Love’s loss yet endured.

The incomplete heart,
Pierced by that one dart,
A most willing target,
Struck by love or regret.

The incomplete heart,
Longs so for new start,
Essentially empty,
Courts compatibility.

The incomplete heart,
Desires love, an art!
Craves a connection.

The complete heart,
Two halves once apart,
Joined as one, bound now.
It’s you, this I vow.

Lynn McHale 9/28/15
Revised 10/7/15, 4/11/16, 6/11/16, 2/3/17
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