Neuro – Nibbles

Nasty nibbles in the Nigra,
Bite size bits eaten away.
Neurological Pac Man,
He’s here to stay!
He cheats, you say!

Must hold on, delay,
A lesser you, such a crime,
Already lost this game,
Depleted precious time,
No reason, no rhyme.

Neuro-nibbles in the Nigra,
A neurological foray.
A nosh here, a nosh there,
Curse the Nigra I say,
Cure the nibbles, now, today!

Lynn Martin McHale June 2014 Copyright All Rights Reserved

Revised 2/19/2015

My made up word and definition:

Neuro-nibble; short for neurological nibble.  It is what happens in your brain when you have Parkinson’s disease, a neurological degenerative brain disorder.  The brain does not produce enough of the chemical dopamine which is needed by the neuro-transmitters to communicate to all parts of the body.  Therefore, each and every day, day after day, tiny neuro-nibbles occur in your brain as the dopamine becomes scarcer.  At the time, you don’t feel the neuro-nibble, or even sense it is happening. But, over months, and years the cumulative effect takes its devastating toll as the brain continues to degenerate, one little neuro-nibble at a time.