About Me

Updated 12/26/2020

First, thank you for visiting my website and being curious about me, my poetry and art.  So hello, and let me introduce myself.  My name is Lynn Martin McHale; I am 69, divorced for 38 years, retired in Sept. 2012 from Sears Holdings after 41 years.  I have a son and daughter in-law, and the two loves of my life, my beautiful grandsons who are 4 1/2 and 2 1/2.  They are the most precious little boys!  I have a wonderful family, friends and neighbors.

I love nature, walking, golfing, swimming, playing pool, shooting archery, watching the weather, playing bunco with my lady friends from my former neighborhood. I exercise, and to be honest, not as much as I should, but I’m trying to get more of a routine established.  I love to decorate, so this gave me the opportunity to make some changes to my living space. I love to see plays, a friend and I subscribe to Broadway series at the Paramount Theater in Aurora

I  made the decision to move to an Active Senior Retirement Community in 2015.  It was a lot of work downsizing.  It was exhausting physically, emotionally and mentally.  But I made it through, with the help of my family and friends and am now happily living in my new apartment and lovely community.  I have met so many interesting people and made many new friends and have gotten involved in some activities and committees.  During my time there I became a certified swim exercise instructor and taught classes there.

In 2019 I made decision to move out of Retirement Community and into an apartment closer to where my son moved.  It is a ground floor apartment, with attached garage and no stairs.  I really like it, so much easier to take dog outside.  I have met some very nice neighbors, quite a number my age and little older.  I do miss the friends I made at Monarch, but I do stay in touch.  I am about 10 minutes from my son, which is great.

My Background


In 2005, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  I underwent chemo-therapy, a lumpectomy with nodes removed and radiation. I thought I had waged the toughest battle of my life; I had survived breast cancer and was now busy living my life.  I am still cancer free today and very grateful for the last 9 years!


In 2011, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which absolutely devastated me.  I had already fought and survived breast cancer.  I couldn’t possibly have a degenerative brain disease!  I didn’t deserve to have this happen to me!  I was very angry, frightened and in despair. I remember telling someone that this was the “kiss of death.”  I had great difficulty wrapping my head around this diagnosis, and when my coping skills were depleted, I realized I needed professional help.

I sought help from a neuro-psychologist over the course of several months.  He helped me re-frame how I thought about having PD and living with a chronic illness and most importantly how I perceived myself.  In the safe confines of his office, I could be brutally honest.  I didn’t have to be guarded when I described how I was feeling.  I didn’t have to soften the message or try to hide things to protect and shield my family and friends. It was finally OK to tell people at work.  I had only told my Director and VP and select few others.  It was OK to be really, really angry. It was OK to hate everybody and everything!  It was OK to cry, even to laugh!  Keeping it all to myself had become such a burden, which now was lifted.  Most importantly, I did not have to pretend to be strong; I could sit there and be just me, all my raw emotions exposed, learning how to be Lynn, who happens to have Parkinson’s.   I went back again about a year later for a few weeks, for what I call a “tune up” or “attitude adjustment”, as I feel I will always experience ups and downs, and sometimes the downs just need to be talked through. I highly recommend counseling for learning how to accept and cope with living with PD.

An update, as I thought I might need “tune ups” from time to time, I did see my neuro-psychologist in spring of 2014 for about 6 sessions.  Once again, good to go! (sort of)

Update to an update – I seem to be overbooked all the time, and overwhelmed with responsibility and tasks to do.  So, when I should have all the time in the world since I am retired, I am seeing a social worker at my neurologist’s office who is helping me find balance in my life!!  I know, crazy!  More to come on this.

6/20/17 Update – I do find that from time to time I have to see the social worker (counselor) I now work with.  It’s like I say, every now and then I just need a tune up.

I should mention that I did see two separate psychologists when I was battling cancer, both of whom had very different approaches and I liked very much.  That being said, coping with Parkinson’s has been more difficult.  With cancer, I’d either survive or die.  With Parkinson’s, the “unknown” taunts you each day.  It’s coping with this “unknown” that takes you to the edge (not ledge) at times and can mess with your mind (we already know about issues there).

12/26/20 Update – I have not had to see psychologist for issues relating to Parkinson’s since 2017.  However, to be honest, did see help to discuss how to improve relationship with my daughter-in-law.  Enough said, some of you know what I’m talking about.

Arthritis, Fybromylagia and Osteoporosis – Unfortunately I am burdened with these diseases which reek havoc on my body along with Parkinson’s.  I am in chronic pain all the time, stiff body, tender joints and muscles. These have become much worse in last year, real battle! But I’m a warrior, or so I keep trying to convince myself.

Support Group Programs

Within a month of diagnosis, I joined a support group and tried to get in some exercise while still working full time (you know how well that worked).  Fifteen months later, I decided to retire a little earlier than planned so I could concentrate on my health and attend exercise classes.  Since moving I do a lot of exercising in the pool and have started swimming laps which makes me feel great. I also take other exercise classes and belong to the Bike Club.  I don’t attend the Support Group I started with, I actually don’t go to a support group any more.  I found it not as helpful as it was in the beginning.  However, I do facilitate a small PD Support group in my retirement community, which I enjoy doing.  Since I moved from there in Nov. 2019, I’m no longer running that support group.

My Poetry

I have been writing poetry for several years now.  My writing comes from needing to get my feelings and emotions out of my head.  This helps me frame up and clarify all the emotions and thoughts colliding and crashing into each other in my head. Initially, I started writing about my anger, frustration and fear I had about Parkinson’s.  Over time, my writing transitioned, focusing on other aspects of life that I enjoy, or observe, or think about; such as a word or phrase I find interesting.  Some are very personal and were written and intended just for me; but now I would like to share them. Some poems have meter and rhyme, others free style.  It just depends on how I feel about the subject when I’m writing.

My Art

My support group offered art therapy classes a few years ago. I felt inspired doing art projects and sharing the interpretation with the other participants. Time seemed to stand still, not matter. I found myself immersed in concentration and creation.  That inspired me to start taking art classes: beginner drawing, colored pencil and water color, mosaic classes, botanical leaf printing classes, and few others. To my delight, I discovered I was quite creative and thoroughly enjoyed myself.   I never had the time prior to retiring to indulge myself in any art classes. Who knew I’d love this new discovery so much!

My Photography

I initially was taking pictures of clouds, trees, flowers and leaves as subject matter to paint.  I took some of my best pictures and then pictures of some of my best artwork and had notecards made.  They turned out great!

My Stride

It took me about 9 months into my retirement to figure out what activities I truly enjoyed, what other activities I wanted to explore, and where, how and with whom I wanted to invest my time and energy.  I was learning how to achieve the balance in my life between Parkinson’s related activities and what I call the “other parts of my life”.  My poetry and art reflect the balance I found that allows me to live in peace with my Parkinson’s.

My Involvement with PD

I was involved with the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA) Midwest Chapter as Board member.  An update, in Sept. 2013 I became Treasurer of the Board and May 2013 asked to Chair the Walk. requirements.

Update to an update, in January 2015 I became the President of the Chapter, and this position takes up a great deal of my time, more than I want it to.  This is one of my challenges in finding the balance I need in my life.  I’m working on it, don’t have an answer yet, need one soon and sometimes I am so stressed out and overwhelmed, but feel so a commitment and responsibility.  It weighs heavily on me, and I don’t really share how this is affecting me in so many ways.  In August 2016, I resigned as President of the Board as I needed to put myself first and concentrate on taking care of myself.

My Purpose

My purpose for this website  is to share my poetry, artwork and photography.  I hope that by seeing how my poetry and art helps me as a means of coping with the day to day ups and downs of living with Parkinson’s, it may help or inspire you to look at life and living with PD differently.

I’ve been writing for several years now, so I have many poems to share and post.  My goal is to post more regularly.

I encourage you to start writing whatever and however it comes out!  It does not have to be good, or rhyme or even make sense to anyone else.  It only has to make sense and serve its purpose to you.  Even with doing some form of art, just do it for fun and for yourself.  If it gives you pleasure and makes you happy, and takes your mind off things, that is great!

BIG NEWS  –  After I made a very good friend at the Retirement Community, I shared some of my poetry with her and she encouraged me to publish them in a book, not just on my website.  So in April 2019 my book “Parkinson’s, Poetry, Art and Me” was published on Amazon in soft cover book and version to be downloaded. I am very excited and proud of this accomplishment.  I completely formatted the book, designed the cover and did all the work myself.  I spent a lot of time on You Tube looking at tutorials, but I did it!   I held a poetry reading in Aug. 2019 as part of  my celebration and launch of my book, had about 50 people attend.  It was great!!! Thank you Monarch Landing friends, old friends, neighbors and family for your support.

Update 12/26/20 – I am working on my second book and hope to publish it this late spring/early summer.

Please feel free to comment.  I really want to know if a poem or photo has touched you in any way, or even inspired you. I will respond to your comments.

My Hope

My hope is that you will be inspired by something or someone that helps you cope with living with Parkinson’s.

My hope is that you will explore and discover some aspect of yourself, maybe for the first time, or re-discover yourself again.

My hope is that in time, you will find balance and beauty again in the world around you and live in peace with Parkinson’s.

My hope is that you will see yourself as I now see myself: I am Lynn, who happens to have Parkinson’s, not a Parkinson’s patient, who happens to be Lynn.

Yes, that being said, I work daily to achieve this state of mind. Some days it is much harder than others. I won’t lie, I do get down and sad at times, and feel lonely.  But I keep on keeping on.  It will always be a challenge, but at least I feel I have the tools to work with when I need to pull them out.

Thank you!  This was a lot to read, thanks for hanging in there!    Lynn


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lynn,
    You have always been a super hero to me!

    I really enjoy your strength and independence. You are a FORCE!!!

    I have learned even more about you here reading your story and will purchase your book(s).

    You have encouraged me to be tough in hard times. I live that you are feminine yet super super strong. A rare combination.

    Thank you for all you do to inspire us to be the best we can and to listen to our “ Nature”.
    I miss you friend.



  2. Lynn – I had peeked and read a bit before, but finally had a moment to read more and comment. Thank you for opening yourself up to us and others in this way. Your writing is so lovely and heartfelt. I look forward to reading more and following your blog. Congratulations on this launch, and thank you again for being so courageous to share this and help others.


    • Kristi – Thank you for finding the time to read my blog and comment. Your very kind and supportive words mean a great deal to me. You and Jen (except for Betty) were the first neighbors I told I had PD at Teri’s Christmas party, if you remember back a couple years. I’m glad you enjoyed my writing!


  3. Hi Lynn,
    Congratulations on your new blog! You should be so proud! I found it without a problem and started reading. I’ll be back to check in on it every couple of days. Thank you for sharing. And again, congratulations!


    • Marge – Thanks for celebrating with me and reading my blog, I really appreciate your support and our new friendship. I really look forward to having more fun outings once you retire!!


  4. I enjoyed reading through and looking at your blog! I liked your poems and pictures!


      • Dear Lynn, You really touched my heart. And although I can never imagine all you are going through, I get a true glimpse by reading your blog and your deeply expressive poems. I am sure your blog will touch all those who read it, and give hope to other PD individuals, and actually anyone who is burdened by disease. Your example of getting your feelings out and working through them, as well as finding a way to help others while finding the joy in life, is truly a blessing. I commend you my friend for your bravery and your willingness to reach out and help others so unselfishly, even though you are suffering. You are an amazing, lovely woman, and I pray all the joy and blessings you bestow on others come back to you 100 fold!


      • Mary Anne – Your support and encouragement expressed so beautifully in such heartfelt words brought me to tears. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to understand what I was trying to describe and relate about PD. It means a great deal to me that you have taken such an interest in my writing and that you “get” it!! Thanks for being my friend and I look forward to more time together and doing fun things.


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