Mother Nature is a Terrorist

Must be on constant watch for her!
Disguises herself as man or woman,
Changes name to suit her temperament,
Never uses her “favorites” again.

She changed the course of history.
Permanently altered coastlines.
Made front page news.
Closed down Wall Street

Strategically positions cells on map.
Relentless, organized, elusive,
Ever erupting, weather vane, volatile.
Formidable, fueled with enduring fury.

Targets where ever and what ever pleases her,
Strikes without warning, although tracked on radar,
Rains down utter destruction.
There is no escape.

Relies on strong formations,
Masses along ridges,
Columns of storm clouds.
Wages lightning war.

She makes dust swirl,
Clouds rotate, winds shear,
Glaciers melt, oceans overflow,
Earth shake.

She spews, chokes, poisons,
Hails, freezes, floods,
Scorches, parches, burns,
Causes death and despair.

She lurks in the Alley,
Lays siege to the Heartland,
Obliterates towns and lives,
Scars the earth in her path.

Uses rotation as weapon of mass destruction,
Thunder and lightning as scare tactics,
Causes outbreak of fear and panic.
Stuns with shock and awe.

She is amused when they try to fight back,
Digging their firewalls and filling their sandbags,
Hiding in their basements, and “hunkering down”.
Those who chase and get too close, she exacts revenge!

Always plotting next strike.
Warnings issued,
Complacency settles in,
They let down their guard.

She waits.
She strikes.
There is no defense.
She takes no prisoners.

Lynn Martin McHale 7/9/13 Copyright All Rights Reserved

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