The Spark! To Sparkle!

 Deep within our being, a fire burns.
 It is the energy that fuels our thoughts, creativity, interaction, and    responses. 
 Energy ignites the Spark within, that which is our essence.
 It’s the spark that creates the light within us others see,
 It’s the spark in their eyes when you see, “they get me,”
 It’s the spark that demands we Sparkle!
 It’s this urge to create,
 It’s this awakening of the senses,
 It’s this awareness of beauty that surrounds us,
 It’s this inner “wild child” still stirring it up,
 It’s this voice needing to be heard.
 It’s this capacity to see purpose,
 It’s this accomplishment, 
 It’s this pursuit to make a difference, 
 It’s this practice of gratitude,
 It’s this joy in giving back, volunteering.
 It’s loving the life you imagined, created, and perhaps altered,
 It’s loving that one special person,
 It’s loving your family and friends,
 It’s loving reciprocated,
 It’s loving yourself.
 Lynn Martin McHale  Copyright  All Rights Reserved 1/16 

Condensed Version for Parkinson's Foundation Social Engagement Series
Health @ Home Wellness Wednesday
Poetry Reading January 13, 2021